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Gozo: 18 fascinating facts for travels

1. Edward Lear described Gozo’s coastal landscape as “pomskizillious and gromphiberous”. The Pomskizillious Museum of Toys can be found in Xaghra, a village that is thought to be one of the earliest inhabited parts of the island. 2. The island has already appeared in several films, including Single-Handed, from 1953, and Inseminoid, a 1981 UK […]

A Passport to Guatemala’s Mayan Past

WE WERE ON a motorboat to the past—or so we hoped. My husband, Paul, and I sat near the bow of the skiff, soaking in the sun and the view as we zipped across Lake Atitlán, in Guatemala’s highlands. Several large volcanoes towered in the distance, seemingly standing guard over the villages scattered along the green […]

Packing Checklist for a Perfect Road Trip

Road trips tend to be love ’em or leave ’em affairs, and personally, I fall into the “love” category. While I’ve enjoyed most of my excursions, I’ll be the first to admit that there has been a serious trial-and-error process with my packing lists. Inevitably, the trips for which I was better prepared were much […]